How To: Make a small bathroom look bigger

Ditch the standard shower curtain and install an extra long one! I found this one on amazon.

How To: Make a small bathroom look biggerWe love our home. It’s a bungalow built in 1928 & full of charm. It has a great porch with arched entrance, tall ceilings, dark hardwood floors … and a tiny bathroom.

After a little Pin-spiration, I was able to add a bold statement to the small space.

What do you think?


DIY Nail Art: Going for the Gold – 2012 Olympics


Inspired by all the 2012 Olympic excitement, I thought some celebratory nail art was in order.

You’ll need:

1) white nail polish – I used Orly (because it was on clearance at Beauty Supply)

2) glitter in primary colors & in gold (be careful, some glitters will bleed)

3) clear top coat

As soon as each nail is painted, dip the end of the nail in a shallow dish of the colored glitter. For the “Going Gold” nail, pour the gold glitter over the white polish when it is still wet. Tap the nails off to remove excess glitter.

Top with a clear top coat and wait for them to dry!

For me, this was definitely a short-term look. Some of the glitter continued to fall off, and with a little one around, I didn’t want her eating glitter! That, and I didn’t wait long enough for it to dry and had some smudges!

Happy 2012 Olympic Watching!

DIY: Personalized Wedding Gifts

When it comes to weddings and babies and birthdays I prefer to shop outside the box. Sometimes that means skipping over the registry requests. I always check them out first, it can give me an idea of their personality or style (for those friends or family members I haven’t seen in a while). Then, when I’m assured that many of their requests have already been fulfilled, I let myself have a little fun.

Here are two personalized wedding state map prints I recently made. Using Adobe Photoshop, I chose colors reflective of their wedding, printed them at my local copy center, put them in a frame and shipped them off! I’ve been really pleased with how they’ve turned out. And I hope they like them too!

DIY Personalized Wedding Gift


DIY Personalized Wedding Gifts


If you’re not Photoshop/techy savvy, I’m sure you could hand make one using cutouts. But there is no lack of them on Etsy. Here’s one shop, but there are many more!

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DIY Nails: Sophisticated Herringbone

Inspired by this tutorial, I gave it a go. I painted scotch tape and cut them into strips – worked just fine.

Nail Polishes used:

O.P.I. – Barefoot in Barcelona

China Glaze – Flying High

Piggy Polish – Strong Like Jazz

Revlon – Devilish

With all this effort I’ve been putting into manicures, it has me paying close attention to my hands. How the veins are starting to “pop” and a few more freckles are here and there.

I think I know exactly what will be going into my next Rodan + Fields order.

DIY Nails: Fuchsia French Mani


This is my first attempt at nail art.

I used Revlon Devilish & Oh My Magenta.