First Day of School

After seeing all the “First Day of School” photos floating around facebook, twitter & instagram, Clementine decided she wanted to go to school. She grabbed her favorite book, her favorite bunny (Pat) and sat on the front porch waiting for the school bus to come pick her up.

She insisted we shared her first day of school photos like all the other children. My sweet little babe.

¬†I know all too well that school really will be here before we know it. Until then, we’ll pretend.


The Day She was Born

This morning as I sat her looking at my baby girl playing in her exersaucer, I thought back to when she was a teeny newborn. Pouring over the photos from that day, I’m stunned by how they bring me right back to those moment and feelings I had looking at her, holding her and breathing her in. So surreal.

Hush Little Baby


1. Seeing her for the first time.

2. Seeing my husband hold her hand.

3. Our daughter looking at us. Her parents.

4. Her tiny body in those ridiculous hand mittens, the teeny hospital shirt we still have. And skinny legs.

5. Sleeping beauty.

6. Sweet, sweet profile.

7. That little bird mouth.

8. The way she was so alert and looked around. (when she was awake)

9. Sweet baby naps and how she fit so perfectly on my chest.

10. Going home and how tiny she was in that carseat.